Officers & Directors

Juan Ernesto Snead


Mr. Snead’s educational  background  includes  a Degree in Law and Social Sciences from  the National University of Asunción, Paraguay, and also a Post Graduate (Masters) Degree in International Law from Complutence University Madrid, Spain.

Currently he is a Consultant and Advisor to the Judicial Offices for the Binational Organization Yacyretá  (this is the entity that represents Paraguay and Argentina in the administration of the joint hydroelectric enterprise).

In the past, he had several executive legal functions for the hydroelectric enterprise “Empresa Binacional Paraguay – Argentina de Hidroelectrica Yacyretá”.

Sabbatical (leave of employment from Yacyretá) to perform other government functions:

  • Advisor/Consultant for the Paraguay State Department in international negotiations between the Binational Enterprise and ERIDAY-UTE (consortium that built the hydroelectric complex)
  • Chief of Staff for the Minister of Public Works and Consultant to the Ministry, Paraguay
  • Consultant to the Secretary of State and the State Department, Paraguay
  • Consultant on Opportunities in Paraguay Conference in 2013 in Miami, Florida
  • Consultant on Opportunities in Paraguay II Conference in 2014 in Asunción, Paraguay
  • Vice-President and Partner of Ynvest Consulting 2015

Etienne Lacroix

Vice President

Maria Rosa Baquerizo



Together with the original Co-Presidents of the U.S.-Paraguay Chamber of Commerce, Jorge D. Usandivaras and Juan Ernesto Snead, Maria Rosa Baquerizo has helped create this Chamber.

Ms. Baquerizo has had a career as an international consultant and is a passionate Latin Americanist with work experience in the region.  Since 2006 she was named CEO of the first binational chambers of commerce in the U.S. for the Andean Region—the Colombian, Ecuadorean, Peruvian, and Venezuelan American Associations.  Founded in the 1920’s and 30’s, they are the premier forum in the U.S. for the Andean Region.  Past speakers have included heads of state of all these nations, government ministers, ambassadors, cultural figures, analysts, and business leaders.

Ms. Baquerizo brought the Latin American and Spanish chambers together to honor the Mayor of New York City, Michael R. Bloomberg.  She attended the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena and sponsored the ALAS-BID award program of Shakira’s foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank.  She also attended the 11th First Ladies of the Americas Conference in Mexico City.

Ms. Baquerizo is a Georgetown University Emeritus AAP Board member and chairs Georgetown’s AAP Ecuador admissions committee.  She serves as a Board member of PAMAR and of Oscus Foundation and is a founding member of the Historical and Anthropological Corporation of Guayaquil.

She has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Georgetown University and a Postgraduate Certificate from Columbia University.

Linda Calvet

Executive Secretary / Treasure

As an officer (Secretary) of the Colombian, Ecuadorean, Peruvian, and Venezuelan American Associations, Linda Calvet serves the pioneer chambers for these four nations in the U.S., all founded in the 1920’s and 30’s. For over 35 years Linda has dedicated herself to the Andean community, helping to organize events with top speakers on the economies, politics, and cultures of the region. She first worked at the Associations with her father Paul Calvet and then proudly carried on his efforts to promote business, investment, and cultural exchange with these diverse and vital nations.


Honorary Directors:

President of Paraguay

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Commerce and Industry of Paraguay

Minister of Finance of Paraguay

Ambassador of Paraguay to the U.S.

Ambassador of Paraguay to the U.N.

Consul General of Paraguay in New York



Patrice Guiol : Managing Partner, Alpax

Guiomar de Gasperi: Director, Banco Basa S.A.

Faisal Hammoud:President, Monalisa

Oscar Mersan: Managing Director, Mersan Abogados

Luis Enrique Villasanti Kulman: President, Asociacion Rural del Paraguay

Oscar Vicente Scavone:President, Laboratorio de Productos Eticos C.E.I.S.A

Maris Llorens: Viradolce S.A